Successful Study Strategies for Students

by Sarah Lins on 12/15/20 9:11 AM

Any high school student has surely felt overwhelmed and stressed at some point in their academic career with tests that they just aren’t sure how to...

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Celebrating the class of 2020

by Joshua Ater on 4/23/20 6:59 PM

Take a look at a wonderful video produced by Lehman students to celebrate the accomplishments of the class of 2020.

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Trusting in God Through a Pandemic

by Evie Olding on 4/21/20 8:55 AM

The past couple of weeks have been surreal, and not in a good way. First, the Coronavirus infected the United States. Next, the schools shut down,...

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The Importance of Staying Positive

by Lucy Behr on 4/14/20 8:04 AM

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the fate of the rest of the 2020 school year. Activities such as spring athletics, prom, graduation, musical, and...

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A Day In The Life at Lehman - A Student Perspective

by Tommy Hamlin on 4/7/20 6:00 AM
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My Life through a Global Pandemic

by Olivia Lucia on 3/31/20 7:30 AM

Being a high school senior during the COVID-19 quarantine is frustrating, and not a lot of fun. As a senior, I had looked forward to spending my last...

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10 Tips To Make High School Great

by Ava Behr on 1/23/20 10:05 AM

10 tips on how to make high school great!

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