CCP Overview

College Credit Plus (CCP) is an opportunity for eligible Lehman students to earn college credits while attending high school. The program helps our students get a jump-start on their college coursework and prepare for the academic rigors of college. The courses may be taught at Lehman by our faculty and follow the same syllabus as the college course. They may be online courses or courses taken on a college or university campus with prior approval from the school counselor and principal. Students taking these types of courses will be required to be at Lehman High School during the times/days they are not taking classes on the college/university campus. The courses range from 1 - 5 semester hours. The credits may be transferable to other colleges/universities. Students would just have to ask the receiving college/university if they would apply toward their major. Students will be notified in the winter of the opportunities available for the program in the upcoming school year. A College Credit Plus meeting will be held in the winter of each academic school year. Refer to the Ohio Department of Education website for deadlines.

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