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My Life through a Global Pandemic

Posted by Olivia Lucia on Mar 31, 2020 7:30:00 AM

0143_Lucia_Olivia_01Being a high school senior during the COVID-19 quarantine is frustrating, and not a lot of fun. As a senior, I had looked forward to spending my last few months with my classmates whom I’ve grown with over the past four years. I was excited for the spring sports season, our final prom, our last field day, supporting our college decisions, and walking to get my diploma with the rest of my classmates. This has likely all been taken away from me because of the pandemic. I understand the concerns and all the actions being taken to keep us safe. The precautions are necessary, and I’m hopeful that such extreme action will lead us back to the normal world as fast as possible. But because of this unfortunate virus, many seniors in college and high school are devastated right now. 

    Teachers are working hard to give their students the best education they can, even through online classes. Lehman teachers are especially understanding of how difficult online classes can be for students, and they’re doing as much as possible to aid their students. This time is not easy for them, either, but we’re all in this together. My parents are also doing everything they can to make this situation into the most positive thing they can. They’re understanding when I voice my concerns about missing my final steps on everything I’ve accomplished. They’re willing to work with me when help is needed with virtual schooling. And most importantly, they’re doing they’re best to keep my health and theirs safe during this difficult time. 

    COVID-19 is the first pandemic that we’ve experienced in a little over 100 years, something most people alive today have not lived through. Having never had exposure to this type of issue, it is understandable that many people are afraid during this time, even beginning to panic. Fear of getting the virus, fear of losing loved ones, fear of not being able to feed ourselves and families, and fear of losing important events in our lives are leading to this global panic. I can personally say, I am afraid of what will become of our world during this time. During religion class, Father Hess suggested that prayer is the way to heal fear. Now that we are in our houses with not a lot to do, there is so much time for prayer, adoration, the rosary, reading the Bible, and even watching Mass on television or computers. I’ve taken Father Hess’s advice in order to find peace of mind. God is all-knowing and all-loving; being able to grow trust in him is essential to moving forward from the pandemic. I feel strongly that God has a reason for giving His people this obstacle, and that He will guide us out of it, as long as we follow His steps.


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