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Trusting in God Through a Pandemic

Posted by Evie Olding on Apr 21, 2020 8:55:57 AM

The past couple of weeks have been surreal, and not in a good way. First, the Coronavirus infected the United States. Next, the schools shut down, and my most favorite times of the school year were postponed. Then, we faced the threat that everything could be canceled. We moved to digital learning in a matter of days. The scariest change of all was not being allowed to go to Mass. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been allowed to go to Mass. What is even more shocking is that my grandparents can’t even remember a time when they weren’t allowed to go to Mass. All of these big changes are unsettling and hard to process. 

Schools shut down about a week before opening night of the spring musical Anything Goes. My cast mates and I had been rehearsing since December, and we were pumped to finally bring our production to the stage. Like any musical production, the weeks just prior to the performance bring the longest hours of rehearsal. We had invested hours and hours and were days away from full dress rehearsal and make-up. Then, it all ended. The musical is the thing that brings me the most joy during the school year. There is something about a group of people coming together to perform that creates a family in a unique way. We run lines together for months, help each other with stage cues, and practice choreography until we find ourselves tap dancing so much at home that our actual families go crazy. While my heart hurt at the possibility that the musical could be canceled, I could not help but think about the seniors. This year’s senior class is amazing, and my heart ached because they would not be able to spend the last weeks of their senior year walking the halls of LCHS with their friends.  

During this Coronavirus journey, I have been very confused and have tried to search for meaning as to why this could be happening. Time at home has been filled with virtual classes, lots of talking with family, and even more social media scrolling. While sitting at home and scrolling through social media, I came across many motivational quotes. The one that resonated most with me was an all-white background with these simple words in black print: “God will get you through this.” I guess I knew that already, but for some reason seeing it on that day brought reassurance. This particular account posts a reminder each day about how to keep the faith during these strange times. I try to remind myself to look for God in the small moments right now. I have found Him in my thoughts as I wrote to residents of Dorothy Love, as my family decorated my grandparents’ driveway with chalk at Easter, as I teach myself new music on my great grandma’s piano, and even in “Couch Church,” when my family gathers on our couch to watch Mass on Sundays. 

Since the schools shut down, I have really been focused on trying to find God in all places and always asking Him for help to get through this. I think God has answered me through my mom. Both my mom and my dad have been extremely positive through this journey. Whenever my sister or I start to get really stressed about everything going on, my mom says, “We will get through this, just one day at a time.” That really spoke out to me. One day at a time is what we have to do right now. One day at a time to get even closer with my family. One day at a time to finish schoolwork. One day at a time to practice tap dancing, even if it drives everyone else nuts. God is asking us all to help each other, one day at a time, until we find the other side of this.   


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