Tuition Assistance

We offer need-based tuition assistance through scholarships, grants, local parish support and financial aid. We can help you find the best financial solutions that match your family’s needs. In addition to tuition assistance, EdChoice Scholarships and the Jon Peterson Scholarship is also accepted at Lehman and may be available to those who qualify. 

Need-Based Tuition Assistance | We use the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment tool to best determine the financial need of each student. Click Here to register or sign in to FACTS.

All applications must be completed and submitted by the April 7, 2023. If you do not have access to a computer, please call Lehman Catholic at 937.498.1161 to schedule an appointment for us to assist you with your online application.

Local Parish Support | Our local parishes provide tuition assistance for students whose families are members of one of the following churches. If your parish is not listed, contact your pastor about opportunities available at your parish.

  • Holy Angels Catholic Church | Sidney
  • Holy Redeemer Catholic Church | New Bremen
  • Saint Boniface Catholic Church | Piqua
  • Saint Mary Catholic Church | Greenville
  • Saint Mary Catholic Church | Piqua
  • Saint Patrick Catholic Church | Troy

529 Tax-Advantage Tuition Investment Plans | A 529 account grows tax-free and qualified withdrawals are free from federal and state income tax. Up to $10,000 a year may be withdrawn for tuition. For some families, it also makes sense to set up a 529 plan to use as a straight pass-through to shelter a certain amount of money from the State of Ohio tax. Talk with your financial advisor for more details.

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EdChoice State Funded Voucher

  • Income-Based Voucher
  • Location-Based Voucher

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Named Scholarships

Generosity has always been a distinguishing quality of the Lehman Catholic High School Community. We have more than 20 named scholarships available. 


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