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UPDATED 2021-2022 forms now available below. 

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What is Ohio's Educational Choice Scholarship Program?

EdChoice is your tax dollars coming back in the form of an education scholarship to be used at a private school of your choice. Similar to open-enrollment where you can choose another public school, this state-funded program allows you the freedom to choose a private school that is best for your child. 



EdChoice has two scholarship opportunities

Quick Facts:

  Traditional EdChoice

  Expansion EdChoice

  • Available if you live within a designated low performing public school district
  • Available based on income criteria
  • $6,000 scholarship for 9-12 grades
  • $6,000 scholarship for 9-12 grades
  • $4,650 scholarship for K-8
  • $4,650 scholarship for K-8
  • School may charge additional tuition – but a school can offer additional scholarships and financial aid*
  • Once you qualify for Expansion the school will not charge additional tuition. 


*Lehman Catholic offers over $100,000 annually in scholarship dollars plus additional aid 


How do I apply for an EdChoice Scholarship at Lehman Catholic?

The first step to applying for an EdChoice scholarship is to be accepted at Lehman Catholic. Once you have completed the application process and been accepted, Lehman Catholic will file the initial paperwork with the State of Ohio. If you are applying for Traditional EdChoice the only paperwork needed will be a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a recent utility bill to prove residency. For Expansion additional income paperwork will be required – Lehman Catholic will walk you through that process. 

When Can I Apply?

EdChoice enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year begins on February 1, 2021. Lehman Catholic will begin accepting applications to the school on January 20. Click here to begin Lehman Application.  

  • The 2021-2022 Traditional, performance/location based EdChoice scholarship for those who qualify is also accepting applications starting March 1. We will publish a list of schools once available from the state.