Successful Study Strategies for Students

Sarah Lins

12/15/20 9:11 AM

Any high school student has surely felt overwhelmed and stressed at some point in their academic career with tests that they just aren’t sure how to prepare for. The way you study and prepare for a test matters, and it has a great influence on your grade. The tips listed below are examples of healthy and effective ways that a student should go about studying for a test if they want to see successful results.

  • Have a positive attitude when it comes to studying. If you feel stressed or don’t understand, positively affirm yourself by saying things like “I am smart” and “I am capable.” Avoid degrading thinking.
  • The popular phrase “work smarter, not harder” is actually great advice when it comes to studying. Don’t pour hours of your time into studying in a way that will not be beneficial to you. Find out what form of studying works best for you, and study that way.
  • Find a quiet and distraction free area where you can concentrate on studying. This could be an empty classroom, a library, your bedroom, etc. Make sure you are not near things that could easily distract you, such as a phone, radio, computer, television, etc. Set a designated amount of time to focus just on studying.
  • Avoid cramming- do not leave all of your studying for the night before the test. Be sure to plan in advance. Set aside a small amount, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, to study each night the week before a test. This will reduce your stress the night before!
  • Lastly, be confident! You got this!