Lehman's November Student Rockstars

Andrea Wilmer

11/23/21 4:44 PM

The following students were named the NOVEMBER STUDENT ROCKSTARS at Lehman. Congratulations! 
FRESHMAN | Isabel Flores | Works hard in class and her efforts are noticed! She helps others in the class and that is a character trait that is greatly appreciated by her teachers. She is also a very attentive and studious student and brings to class a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.
SOPHOMORE | Valerie Rindler | Valerie shows incredible leadership and is a great example for the rest of the school as the leader of the Divine Mercy Chaplet group. She demonstrates good character both inside and outside the classroom. She lives out Lehman's values, especially the value of 'becoming saints.'
JUNIOR | David Brunner | David enjoys any effort to make learning fun and energizes the rest of the class. He comes in ready to work each day and has a high attention to detail. I appreciate he isn't afraid to give the teacher a hard time either when they deserve it. He serves on student council and has put a lot of effort into my reflection assignments on how to improve teaching in the classroom. Students like David allow you to have fun and make you want to perform your best as a teacher.
SENIOR | John Gagnet | John is always on task, brings joy to others, lives his faith, and loves the Lord.