Lehman Names April Rockstars and Hero

Andrea Wilmer

5/30/23 11:59 AM


L - R | Mrs. Adams, Alicia Cavanaugh, JD Barhorst, Dillon Schmiesing, and Josh Knapke. 

The following students were selected by the faculty for their responsibility, connectedness with others, kindness, positivity, flexibility, commitment to living the Lehman values, and being role models to others because of their character and continued growth and perseverance.

Freshman: Josh Knapke | Josh has been of great help to me all year with computer and tech issues. Most people in the building are probably aware of how poor my typing and computer skills are. Josh has been very generous with his help and very patient when showing me how to perform a tech task. I could see Josh as a technology instructor someday, his knowledge and patience are a great combination. Josh has been an active participant in our class discussions and is smart to take advantage of every extra credit opportunity. Nominator: Mr. Langenderfer 

Sophomore: Dillon Schmiesing | Dillon exemplifies what it means to be a young Catholic man. Although he is quiet, the words that he does say mean the most to others. He speaks more through his actions which are always disciplined, generous, and thoughtful. Dillon has a character that draws others toward him, whether it is in the classroom or on the playing field. I can never say too many good things about Dillon. Nominator: Mr. Fink

Junior: JD Barhorst | JD has been a leader in the classroom all semester. He is always very thoughtful with his work, attentive to instruction, kind to other students, and has a very mature disposition. What I might appreciate most about JD is that he ALWAYS cleans up after himself, putting away tools in their proper place and cleaning up more than just his work area. JD is quick to do whatever needs to be done and he does it without being asked. The sinks, the floor, whatever, JD understands the importance of organization in the studio. I've been fortunate to have had a lot of really considerate students in 3-D/Ceramics over the past eight years but no one has had better studio etiquette than JD Barhorst! Nominator: Mr. Langenderfer

Senior: Alicia Cavanaugh | Alicia does so much for our school. She is involved in TLC, Senior Class Officer, Kairos, and the National Honor Society. She always helps out wherever she is needed; whether it is helping in the office to do volunteer work. Nominator: Mr. Fink

Congratulations to Mrs. Catie Adams for being recognized by her students! Here's what they had to say ... "Mrs. Adams is always willing to help anybody, with class schedules, transcripts, GPA, or whatever you need. She is in the Media Center and is easily overseen, but if you ever need any help, she is ready with a smile."

Congratulations, Cavaliers!