Lehman Names April Hero

Andrea Wilmer

5/6/22 9:19 AM

For the month of April, students recognized Mrs. Angie Shappie as their HERO (Helpful, Engaged, Respectful/Responsible, Outstanding).


Straight from a student about Mrs. Shappie ...

"I have nominated Mrs. Shappie a number of times, so take notice of my persistence. She is a mother figure to all of her students and loves them like her own children. I have noticed the positive influence she has had on many of my friends. She pushes them to be better by guiding them with her profound advice. I really think she deserves some recognition considering how she exceeds all of the HERO requirements. She deserves this because she helps everyone in the building and several students benefit from her help. Alway an outside teacher and make sure other students are looked out for when they are in need of help.
Why would I not nominate Mrs. Shappie?! She is my best friend, therapist, caregiver, teacher, and second mom in one. I love her beyond words. She is always at the top of my thankful list when I pray. I have no idea how I got so blessed to have someone like her in my life."