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CCP Update: Edison State offers new grading option

Posted by Andrea Wilmer on May 6, 2020 1:38:54 PM

In an effort to provide relief to students from the challenges created by COVID-19, Edison State Community College is offering a new grading option for students who may be concerned about their grades in the Spring 2020 semester.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Petition Policy

Edison State will allow students to petition to have their individual course grades converted to S (Satisfactory/Pass) or U (Unsatisfactory/No-Pass).

The petition process will be as follows: 

  • Teachers will submit final course grades (A, B, C, D, F, or I) by May 26, 2020
  • Once students have reviewed their course grades, they will have until June 30, 2020, to complete the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Petition Form.  This form will be sent to students via e-mail and will be posted on the Edison State website by May 1, 2020.
  • Edison State’s Career Pathways Advisors will then reach out to students who have submitted a petition form and will work with them individually to decide on a course-by-course basis if the S/U grade is the best option.
    • Grades B and C will convert to S – Satisfactory/Pass. 
    • Grades D and F will convert to U – Unsatisfactory/No-Pass.
    • Students should consult with their Edison advisor to consider how converting to S/U grading might affect financial aid, academic program requirements, post-graduation opportunities for licensure, employment, out-of-state transfer, and transfer to private schools.
  • There will be no limit on the number of courses a student can convert to S/U grading.
  • College Credit Plus students are eligible for S/U grading, and a passing grade will earn both high school and college credit for that course.  In addition, please note the following guidance from Ohio’s Department of Higher Education and Department of Education:
    • Students shall be advised by secondary school and college staff that a P/F grade may have future implications on weighted grading and class rank at the secondary school, NCAA eligibility, OHSAA eligibility, and certain graduation seals that require a grade of B or better. 

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