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Updated Safety Plan

Posted by Joshua Ater on Aug 21, 2020 2:49:28 PM

Cavalier families,

Attached is the updated safety plan as of 8-21-2020 which includes modifications based on the State of Ohio orders.

Download Full Plan

It is our mission at Lehman Catholic High School to be great by fostering individual discovery, excellence, and dynamic faith. To meet this mission we understand that our faith is central to what we do, that parents are given primary responsibility from God over their children, and that our goal every day is to provide the highest quality faith-life, education, and community possible.
It is the firm belief of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction along with school administration and faculty that our mission is best achieved by offering school five days a week all day to our students. Similarly, our goal is to provide each student with an education that best meets their strengths and interests. Students who may have personal or family health concerns will have the opportunity to choose a distance learning option that will maintain the same level of academic rigor and personal attention as onsite students. This plan provides a safe and healthy environment, while assuring each student, staff, faculty, and visitor’s well-being.

We are excited to welcome our students back. We desire to thrive during this period. We are actively seeking suggestions and ideas about how to continue to grow school spirit, community, and faith at Lehman.

Be Great!
Josh Ater President Lehman Catholic High School

Download Full Plan


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