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Resources to help you prepare for your AP Exam

Posted by Andrea Wilmer on May 6, 2020 10:52:18 AM

AP Exams are May 11 - 22. Check out all the resources CollegeBoard pulled together to help you prepare for this year’s exams. Follow these steps so you can do your best work on exam day! 

  1. Download and print an Exam Day Checklist for each of your exams.
  2. Check the AP Exam Schedule to see the date and time of your exam.
    Tip: Pay close attention to the time zone.
  3. Confirm your email address. It’s important that CollegeBoard has an email address for you that you can access from where you are. They will be sending important information and updates to you by email. They will also email you the e-ticket that gives you access to your exam. Click here to confirm your email address.   
  4. Review and prepare for your exams. Check out these 5 helpful steps to help you prepare for your exams or do a few practice questions in AP Classrooms.
    Tip: Next week's AP Classes and Review Sessions will focus sample exam questions.
  5. Practice! Practice! Practice! Finally, check out how the 2020 online AP Exams will work by doing a demo.
    Tip: Check out this video about how to prep for your AP Exams.

Good luck on your exam! 

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