Nick Wolters to join Lehman’s Science Department next year

Andrea Wilmer

5/11/21 3:24 PM

We are excited to announce that next year, Nick Wolters will be joining our Science Department to teach Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy.

Nick has his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Ohio Northern University. He has been a Clinical Pharmacist at Grandview Medical Center since 2015, and an Adjunct Faculty Member at Kettering PA College. He also recently passed the State of Ohio Integrated Science Test to secure his teacher licensure. Additionally, Nick has been coaching high school and junior high cross country as well as a junior high track for this past year. Nick is married to Dr. Cara Wolters, an alumnus of Lehman, and they have two children with a third on the way.


We are excited about the knowledge and skills he will bring to our strong science department. It was exciting to hear about how he will integrate his strong Catholic faith, energy, and enthusiasm into the classroom. Please join us in welcoming Nick to the Lehman family.