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Moving Forward with Courage and Conviction - Plans to Open In-Person Five Days a Week

Posted by Joshua Ater on Jul 30, 2020 5:03:19 PM

It is our mission at Lehman Catholic High School to be great by fostering individual discovery, excellence and dynamic faith. To meet this mission we understand that our faith is central to what we do, that parents are given primary responsibility from God over their children, and that our goal every day to provide the highest quality faith life, education, and community possible.

It is the firm belief of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction along with school administration and faculty that our mission is best achieved by offering school five days a week all day to our students. Similarly, our goal is to provide each student with an education that best meets their individual strengths and interests. Students who may have personal or family health concerns will have the opportunity to choose a distance learning option that will maintain the same level of academic rigor and personal attention as on-site students. Highlighted below is the overview of our guidelines with the goal of providing a safe and healthy environment with moderate restrictions, while assuring each student, staff, faculty, and visitor’s well-being.

We are excited to welcome our students back in the coming weeks. It is our desire to thrive during this period and we are actively creating new ideas on how to continue to grow school spirit, community, and faith at Lehman.

Plan Overview

  1. Families will have the option to choose between five day in-person and distance learning options for the first semester.
  2. The school will have a full compliment of safety measures in place following the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio and the local health authorities. 
  3. Every class will use Google Classroom to ensure all students have access to class materials regardless of location. Each class will also be made available to students via Zoom. Computers will be available to borrow for students who do not have access to their own. 
  4. Masks for students will be at the discretion of the parents. 
  5. Classrooms will be setup to meet social distancing guidelines.
  6. All employees will wear face coverings when working with or in close proximity to students.
  7. All desks will be cleaned between classes and all high traffic areas will be regularly cleaned. 
  8. We will continue regular liturgy, confession, and adoration following Archdiocese guidelines. Weekly liturgy will be held in the Schlater Gym. 
  9. Additional safety and cleaning measures for the cafeteria (now moved to the old gym), transportation, food service, water fountains, the health clinic, restrooms, and locker rooms will also be in place. 
  10. Sports and extra curricular activities will follow OHSAA guidelines. 

If you have specific questions or are interested in the complete plan, please contact Denise Stauffer at d.stauffer@lehmancatholic.com


Note: This plan is subject to change based on guidelines provided by the State of Ohio and local health authorities per the plan outlined by the governor in July. 

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