Lehman's December Student Rockstars

Andrea Wilmer

12/15/21 4:42 PM

The following students were named the DECEMBER STUDENT ROCKSTARS at Lehman. Congratulations! 
FRESHMAN | Kaden Lee | Kaden comes into class each day with a smile on his face and he is ready to work. He shows patience and great leadership among his peers. And, Kaden is always working hard and taking class seriously. He always helps other students and is a huge help in the classroom.
SOPHOMORE | Matthew Henman | Matthew has proven himself to be a great addition to our Band Program at Lehman. He is doing amazing work as a xylophonist and guitarist. He is constantly researching how to improve his playing techniques and to read music. Matthew puts in a lot of hard work, and always is happy to do so. Now that he’s learning guitar, this literally makes him a rockstar.
JUNIOR | Lilly Williams | She is one of the most self-conscious workers, always thinking ahead, planning the “what ifs”, and following through with action. She did a phenomenal job with the Day of Giving Toy Drive.
SENIOR | David Rossman | David is always looking for ways to improve things at Lehman or go above and beyond. He consistently talks to his teachers to see what he can do to help. His leadership will be missed when he graduates.