Lehman Names March Student Rockstars and Teacher Hero

Andrea Wilmer

4/20/23 8:40 AM


The following students were selected by the faculty for their responsibility, connectedness with others, kindness, positivity, flexibility, commitment to living the Lehman values, and being role models to others because of their character and continued growth and perseverance.

Freshman Rockstar: Kate Kennedy | Kate consistently demonstrates Christian living by treating classmates and school staff respectfully. She is prepared for class, and she reaches out when she needs help. Kate consistently expects the best from herself and is willing to help others with questions as well. Nominator: Mrs. Homan

Sophomore Rockstar: Elizabeth Exley | Elizabeth is an extraordinary student in our school. She is exceptional in my chemistry class and frequently offers to help others. It is like having another teacher in class, except with extra sass. :) Elizabeth's energy is contagious both in the classroom and as one of our cheerleaders. I believe she's starting to learn how much potential she has as a leader. Nominator: Mr. Wolters

Junior Rockstar: Ethan Stiver | Ethan is a keeper! Ethan comes into my class to work each day. Ethan is attentive in class, shows respect to everyone, and reaches out for help when he needs to, he is mature, kind, funny, hard-working, and caring to his peers, and a man of few words and does a great job listening to others and is very insightful! I don't think I've ever heard him complain.  He's the type of guy who would give the shirt off his back for anyone. He brings consistency and steadiness to our school each day, I appreciate how he leads by example and is a great asset to our school. We're lucky he is a Cavalier. Nominators: Mr. Wolters, Mrs. Shappie, and Mrs. Homan

Senior Rockstar: Hezekiah Bezy | Hezekiah's deeply perceptive dramatic readings of Hamlet in class have been excellent, as has his general contribution to the discussion as we analyze and interpret the play. Similarly, his contribution to our class study of Frankenstein was helpful in ensuring that our 6th-period English class took all that we could from the text. From giving a whole presentation in the voice of Donald Duck or leading the cross country team to throw rocks to retrieve a pencil stuck on a shelter house roof, Hezekiah brings much joy and fun to school each day. He's a great role model academically, athletically, and spiritually for our younger classmen. Nominators: Mr. Sanford and Mr. Wolters

Congratulations to Ms. Jackie Homan for being recognized as their HERO by her students! Here's what they had to say ... 

"It is clear that this teacher cares for her students. She is very humble in that if she does not know the answer to a question she makes sure she gets back to you instead of giving a halfhearted response. I look up to her as a role model. She loves God A LOT and is never timid about it. She not only teaches my class about the community of the Church, but also how to live it out. Ms. Homan reminds me to live my life with Charity and generosity."

Congratulations, Cavaliers!