Eighteen Students Receive Superior Rating at Annual Science Fair

Andrea Wilmer

3/2/21 8:22 AM

Lehman Catholic High School held its annual Science Fair Wednesday, Feb. 24, in the Bornhorst Family Gymnasium. LCHS students submitted 47 projects to be exhibited and judged. Eighteen students received superior ratings, scoring 36 to 40 points, qualifying them to participate in the district competition.

Adith George, pictured below, received Lehman’s highest rating of 39.5 for Creating a python model of COVID-19 progression based on flaws.


The following LCHS students also received a superior rating:

Ryan Fitchpatrick: Incline vs. Flexibility
Mara Flood: Does exercise support healthy blood sugar?
Daria Lee: Audio vs. Visual Learning
Logan Linson: Under Fire
Katie McFarland: Masks and Oxygen Saturation
Donovan O’Leary: That’s too salty. How does salt affect the growth of plants?
Madison O’Leary: Sound vs. Barrier
Mara O’Leary: What’s in your water?
Hannah Peoples: Colored Teeth
Noel Petersen: The effect of dimple shape on distance.
Valerie Rindler: Which dietary supplement reduces gas the most?
David Rossman: Orientation accuracy of 3D printer models.
Annamarie Stiver: Bacterial growth with disinfectants.
Casey Topp: How to find track spacing by the diffraction of lasers.
Emilee VanSkiver: Which vitamin or mineral breaks down the fastest?
Emma Westerheide: Which antibiotic is most effective in killing bacteria?
Nicholas Wright: Small-angle motion of a pendulum.

Each project was judged by two qualified judges from the community. Lehman is grateful to the following for giving of their time and expertise to judge the projects: Judy Briggs, Amanda Duritsch, Cameron Haller, Teresa Haller, Bill Hayes, Jim Hemm, Jim Hemmelgarn, Doug Hemsworth, Libby Jacob, Amanda Kuck, Tom Largent, Ken Monnier, Doug Rank, Tom Rossman, Dr. William Schemmel, Gwen Stiver, Dr. Jeff VanTreese, Brent VanSkiver, Mike Velez, Tony Wagner, Jenny Weber, Dr. Paul Weber, Dr. John Wilding, Dr. Tim Woodwood, Dr. Cara Wolters, and Nick Wolters.

The faculty members of the Lehman Catholic Science Department who mentored the students with their projects and coordinated the Science Fair were Leah Velez, Tracy Hall, and Sister Ginny Scherer.

Lehman’s Science fair is affiliated with the Ohio Academy of Science. Each student participating received a certificate from the Ohio Academy of Science.

The District Science Fair will be held virtually on March 13, at Edison Community College. Those who receive superiors at that level will be invited to the virtual State Science Fair at The Ohio State University in May.