Andrea Wilmer

2/13/24 1:23 PM

Lehman Catholic High School held its annual Science Fair on Wednesday, February 7, in the Lachey Family Gymnasium. Forty-nine Lehman Catholic students submitted projects to be exhibited and judged. Thirteen students received superior ratings, qualifying them to participate in the district competition. Students must earn at least 36 out of a possible 40 points to receive a superior rating.

The Lehman Catholic students listed below received a superior rating.

Cathy Hudson – Different Levels of SPF.
Alex Goubeaux – Does the rate you read affect your memory?
Emilee VanSkiver – The bioassays of fertilizer and its effect on Daphnia Magna.
Margaret Schmiesing – Unison vs. Solo.
Veronica Pannapara – Which activities help you fall asleep the fastest?
Emi Wray – Pollutants in the water. 
Benton Verrill – How do urban gardens affect the heat of a building?
Olivia Hudgel – Sugars in smoothie ingredients.
Chase Fitchpatrick – Which materials block Wi-Fi signals?
Ben O'Leary – Which erasable pen brand resists the effects of temperature change?
Anna Brown – Oil Mycoremediation.
Connor Stephenson – The capability of brine shrimp.
Dominic Johnston – Does the color light affect plant growth?

Lehman Catholic Freshmen Cathy Hudson and Alex Goubeaux, both earned superior ratings and the highest scores with 39 points (pictured below).  


Ben O’Leary received the Governor's Thomas Edison Award for Excellence for a project in Information Science & Technology Research.

All students who participated in the Science Fair received a certificate from the Ohio Academy of Science.

Lehman is grateful to the judges for giving their time and expertise to judge the projects. This year’s judges included: Meghan Becker, Hezekiah Bezy, Ben Boyd, Gary Bonifas, Judy Briggs, Joe Bundy, Terry Calvert, Adam D'Amico, Nancy Deafenbaugh, Tom Frantz, Melissa Galbreath, Dr. Chris Johnson, Brent Lange, Tom Largent, Dr. Nicole Lochard, Elizabeth Monarch, Ken Monnier, Carrie O'Leary, Kris Pax, Tom Rossman, Aditya Sakhalkar. Sr. Ginny Scherer, Dr. Greg Schmiesing, Doug Smith, Linda Strauss, Gwen Stiver, Scott Streng, Dr. Jeff VanTreese, Leah Velez, Mike Velez, Tony Wagner, Jenny Weber, Dr. Paul Weber, Kim Wenning, Dr. John Wilding, and Dr. Cara Wolters. 

The District Science Fair will be held at Edison State Community College on March 9, 2024.