Lehman Announces August-September Student Rockstars & Teacher Hero

Andrea Wilmer

11/9/22 12:18 PM

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Congratulations to the following students for being recognized by their teachers! 

Freshman: Liam O'Leary | Liam has transitioned to high school like a total champ! He starts every day with a strong dedication to seize the day and is flexible, hard-working, and excited about school! Nominator: Mrs. Shappie
Sophomore: Devin Pride | Devin has really grown from last year in the most positive of ways. He goes above and beyond for others and is respectful & kind to his peers and teachers, and is aware of the needs of others, and helps other students when they need it; all with a smile on his face. His efforts and positive attitude do not go unnoticed. Academically, he is staying engaged during note-taking and group work. Nominators: Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Homan, and Mrs. Shappie.
Junior: Seth Knapke | Eager to succeed; thoughtful reflections shared in his work that reflect good effort. Nominator: Mrs. Homan
Senior: Lucy Ritze | Lucy invested a great amount of her own time in the planning and success of Homecoming. This is a great task and Lucy worked with other peers, faculty, and staff to make this event a great time for everyone! Nominator: Mr. Fink
Congratulations to Athletic Director Chris Kash for being recognized by his students! 
Mr. Kash is very nice, calm, caring, and has a high spirit! He always makes a point to say hello to all the students. He makes us all feel comfortable and welcome at school. He is fun to be around and helps us out with whatever we need, he has taught us about life and football. Mr.Kash is a great example and leader for students and athletes. He is our teacher, our coach, and our HERO.