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Transfer from Public to Catholic High School? What Happens?

Posted by Joseph Schmiesing on Mar 10, 2020 4:30:00 AM

Each day in America over half a million teenagers attend classes in a Catholic high school. Statistically, one out of every twenty high school teenagers you meet at the grocery store, gas station, or coffee shop attends a Catholic high school. Despite this relative commonality, a lot of people find it hard to imagine a teenager wanting to go to a Catholic high school let alone transferring into one from a public high school.

Wouldn't there be culture shock? Aren't Catholic school elitist and snobbish? Let's turn to the real life experiences of a high school student for some insight. Can I make it if I transfer to a Catholic school?

Transferring: A Student Story

Although she had attended Catholic grade school, Melinda (name changed per student's wishes) enrolled in a larger public high school. She was never totally comfortable there, and as a sophomore had a particularly difficult year. She dreaded going to school each day. The constant negativity from students around her and their seeming indifference led to a deep and profound unhappiness.

Reaching a breaking point, half-jokingly, she asked her parents if she could leave. To her surprise, one day after school her mom picked her up and said, “We’re going to Lehman Catholic.” After meeting with members of the admissions team and touring the school, she enrolled as Junior.

That enrollment changed her life. She discovered a more profound Faith. It became an important part of her daily life in school.  She became part of the welcoming and kind student body, which was what she identified as the biggest difference between the two schools – the welcoming and kind students and faculty. She joined teams, became involved in the life of the school, and enjoyed a new confidence in herself and her life.

Today, she looks forward to each day and truly enjoys going to school.

This story is not the exception, it is the rule. Transfer students nearly universally report experiencing kindness, acceptance, and welcome at Lehman Catholic. Subscribe above for more stories of our students and their experiences at Lehman Catholic High School.

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