2019-2020 Annual Report

Joshua Ater

6/30/21 12:27 PM

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Introduction to the Annual Report

We all have distinct memories from the second week of March 2020. The canceling of NBA
games. The international travel ban. The constant talk of flattening the curve. Masks
mandates. The stay-at-home orders. Quarantining finding its way into daily vernacular.

Lehman’s world changed, during that second week in March. The entire school shifted to
online learning in less than seventy-two hours. This was a monumental task. We had to make
sure every student and teacher had access to a computer and the internet, train our teachers
for online instruction, and constantly communicate with parents about their children’s
education. This took a herculean effort, an intense amount of time, and, not least of all,
serious use of school funds. Many schools were not in the position. It took other schools
weeks, some even months, to do what the Lehman community did in seventy-two hours.

Your ten-dollar that year gift became one of the most crucial ten-dollar gifts in Lehman’s
history. While your world changed, you saved ours. Every stock gift, in-kind gift, foundation
gift, new scholarship, or outright gift took on a level of significance undreamt in the previous
year. You made it possible for Lehman to do in hours what took others months. There are
schools today that are still navigating the extreme economic hardships caused by the
pandemic. You kept our ship steady. You kept Lehman secure.

Thank you is not enough. The lists below are not just a collection of supporters.
You are our friends. Our heart. Without your financial support, none of this is possible. On behalf of our boards, staff, and most of all, students, thank you. Thank you for giving us life. Thank you for keeping us going when the entire world stopped. Thank you for being the heart of Lehman Catholic.

In Christ,
Josh Ater

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