Welcome to Lehman Catholic High School


Are you looking for a dynamic school where you can discover your true self, grow in your gifts, expand your knowledge, find life-long friends, and grow in your faith?

If you answered, “yes,” then Lehman Catholic High School is where you belong. 

At Lehman we believe that every student is created, gifted, inspired, and destined to be great. What does that mean? It means we help each student become their personal best through robust academic offerings, a full range of athletic and extra-curricular options, arts and music, and most importantly being led into a dynamic faith.

The Lehman community is a welcoming and safe community where students will find life-long friends, where families are always welcome, and where student can explore a wide-range of interests. Want to play football and be in the musical? How about run and be in the band? Cheerlead and play on the soccer team? Be in Academia and start on the volleyball team? All of these are possible and encouraged at Lehman.

At Lehman we are committed to fostering individual discovery, excellence and dynamic faith. Teachers, staff, coaches, and alumni help you find your purpose and guide you to whatever lies ahead. In short – we help you to be great!

With the love of Christ, we welcome you and all you have to offer. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a musician, a budding scientist, a physician, a farmer, an entrepreneur, or are still finding your way, you have a home at Lehman Catholic High School. It’s where you belong.


Lehman Catholic High School
Lehman Catholic High School