Lehman Names May Heroes

Andrea Wilmer

5/24/22 8:30 AM

For the month of May, students recognized Mrs. Melissa Safreed and Mrs. Grace Schmiesing as their HEROES (Helpful, Engaged, Respectful/Responsible, Outstanding).

Straight from one of our students ... 
"Mrs. Safreed never hesitates to jump in and help out. She does a tremendous job in everything she does and is truly one of Lehman's biggest cheerleaders. She is invested in the students, faculty and staff, and the community.  She is always kind and very friendly. Even though I have never had her as a teacher her friendly smile is always very refreshing, especially on a hard day, simply said, she puts everyone in a better mood. Mrs. Safreed is always one of my favorite teachers to talk to. When I decided to do something new she made me not as nervous. She is overall so supportive and makes sure you know she's proud of you no matter what. She is so kind and feels like a friend. She is an amazing math teacher as well. She explains things clearly and if you don't understand, then she will take her time to thoroughly go through it. She is very patient with us, and I know that is a hard task to do. Mrs.Safreed is overall an amazing person. She is a great leader and most deserving of this award!"
Straight from one of our students ... 
"Mrs. Schmiesing makes Spanish fun! Class time is always productive and I learn so much in her class. She has a great work ethic and keeps my Spanish II class on track while letting us get to know her by telling us interesting stories about her life. She deeply cares for her students. That is why she decided to head Crown of Creation - to tend to the spiritual needs of her students as well. I know my class loves and respects her. She is also a most helpful, selfless, and kind teacher. She always goes out of her way to ensure that we understand what she is trying to teach us. She is also a perfect model of the faith for all her students, especially in her crown of creation group, but also to the rest of the school. Her reverence in mass is a silent way of showing others how they ought to act during mass and she never forgets to pray before class."