Lehman Names January Student Rockstars

Andrea Wilmer

3/8/23 1:34 PM


Pictured (L - R): DaRon Pride, Emma Keykens, Emilee VanSkiver, and Jack Meyer.

The following students were selected by the faculty for their responsibility, connectedness with others, kindness, positivity, flexibility, commitment to living the Lehman values, and being role models to others because of their character and continued growth and perseverance. Congratulations, Cavaliers! 

Senior: Emma Keykens | Emma always has a positive and enthusiastic attitude and along with her kindness, is greatly appreciated. She is respectful to both her peers and teachers. Emma always gives her best effort on her schoolwork and approaches it with determination and resolve, and isn't afraid to ask for help. Emma's writing is consistently improving and she continues to become more assertive in class discussions. Emma is always trying her best and going out of her way to help out herself and others. I admire her dedication and passion for her work, she is an amazing representative of our school and our community. Nominators: Mr. Sanford and Mrs. Hall

Junior: Emilee VanSkiver | Emilee is always ready with a smile, is on fire for her faith, and responded to the call for people to help with the daily announcements. I feel she is always helpful and offers help to her peers. She is genuinely happy and excited to be at school. Emilee is dedicated to improving her writing from one assignment to the next. Her hard work and enthusiasm make her a vital member of our English class, and her positive attitude is contagious. Nominators: Mr. Sanford, Mrs. Shappie, and Mrs. Homan

Sophomore: Da'Ron Pride | Da'Ron is beginning to reap the benefits of hard work both inside the classroom and on the basketball court. However, it all started with a positive attitude and energy, each and every day. He has been working so hard in class! He is improving his work ethic, and he recognizes that his success is helped by the support of the adults around him. He is also extremely patient, especially when I can't tell him and his brother apart!  He is helpful in my class among his peers. He has matured greatly in the past year! Nominators: Mr. Wolters, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Homan, Mrs. Shappie.

Freshman: Jack Meyer | Jack actively participates in the life of Lehman.  He is doing a great job with a speaking role this year as a freshman in the musical.  He is driven and helpful, he is always so kind to everyone, and when in doubt, you can always rely on Jack during class discussions to give an interesting perspective. Nominator: Mrs. Galbreath