Lehman Names April Student Rockstars

Andrea Wilmer

5/6/22 9:23 AM

The following students were named the APRIL STUDENT ROCKSTARS at Lehman. Here's what the faculty said about each student. 


SENIOR: Mary Lins | "You can tell Mary really has a passion for animals and protecting the environment. Her work on the project for the new Lehman bat boxes required learning outside of her studies and dedication to achieve something she felt strongly about. Mary also works very hard in her classes. She likes staying involved and helping her school and community."

JUNOR: Thomas Schmiesing | "Thomas is creative, a leader; a student who is willing to be different. He strives to grow in knowledge and in faith. He wholeheartedly embraces whatever endeavor he is in. He is willing to take chances and fight for what he knows is right. He strives to be what every Lehman student should strive to be - virtuous, wise, and holy."
SOPHOMORE: Lena Grise | "Positivity! Lena is always looking ahead and striving for goodness in all she does. She is genuinely kind and looks for the good in others. She is a role model and inspiration to peers and adults alike!"
FRESHMAN: Alex Lundy | "You can always get a smile and a 'good morning' out of Alex each day in the hallway. He is a cheerful and respectful student who is a joy to have in class.  Alex is actively engaged and willing to participate in what we're learning."
Congratulations, Cavaliers!