October Student Rockstars & Teacher Hero

Andrea Wilmer

11/9/22 12:10 PM



Freshman: Calvin Linson | Calvin is an exemplary student in my health class. He is eager to participate, respectful to others, and demonstrates high academic ability. I can rely on Calvin to help other students in my classroom. He has a heart of service and we're lucky to have him at our school. Calvin stands out for me with his quiet strength and consistent choices to do what is right. Setting an example is an effective form of leadership, and Calvin sets a good example of Christian living in and out of the classroom. Nominators: Mrs. Homan and Mr. Wolters

Sophomore: Cole Bostick | Very respectful to peers and adults both in and out of the classroom. Isn't afraid to go against the crowd and stand for what he believes. Never complains about what is ahead of him. Always has a positive attitude and is the "moral authority" in the room. He keeps things calm amongst the storm of the sophomore boys. Nominators: Mr. Fink, Mr. Wolters, and Ms. Homan.

Junior: Ryan Fitchpatrick | Ryan makes me smile every day, Ryan has embraced her love of learning and her work ethic exceeds or matches anyone of her peers. She turns in exemplary work and stays true to her inner drive for excellence. Ryan has a strong drive and vision for her life, and we will be cheering her on each step of the way. It takes fortitude to stick to one's convictions when sometimes it can be "looked down on" for doing well. She knows how to put her nose to the grindstone and get the job done. In English class not only has she written phenomenal essays of her own, but she has been a great help to peers during the editing process. Nominators: Mr. Sanford, Mr. Wolters and Ms. Homan.

Senior: Wyatt Earhart | Always willing to help out in the classroom and with his classmates. He is flexible and has a positive attitude with everything he does. He is also very respectful and a role model for his peers. Nominator: Mrs. Hall

Teacher Hero: Mr. TJ Fink | Mr. Fink is a great teacher! He has created a fun environment, cares a lot about the students, and helps us grow in our faith. He is funny and makes the best out of our government class. He is our Academia advisor and teacher. Every class with him is educational and enjoyable! He shows us that he truly cares for us, especially when one of us is having a bad day, and he is super understanding when it comes to sports and extracurriculars (and, he plays golf!). He is friendly in the hallway to all of us, even if we don’t have his class. He is a new teacher and already does so much for our school, he has helped with the gate at matches and keeping football stats. Mr. Fink deserves this award because of his kindness, generosity, and gentleness with others. Even at 8 o'clock in the morning, he shows us the biggest smile and makes sure we are smiling with him. We all need a Mr. Fink in our life!