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Spiritual Life

At Lehman our goal is to make faith in the Lord Jesus, in and through His body, the Church, the foundation and reason for everything that happens here. Therefore, we strive to make certain that the spiritual life is being fostered in every dimension of school life.

At the same time, it is possible to highlight four areas where the spiritual life finds particular emphasis: prayer, liturgy and the sacraments, formation and service.


From the first words spoken during the morning announcements to the first words spoken after the bell rings to begin each class, prayer grounds all that we do. As we come to know the Lord Jesus, the Father and the Spirit in prayer, we come to know our true selves, the people we were made in Baptism. Prayer reminds us who we are, helping us to become the holy people of God.

Liturgy and the Sacraments

For Roman Catholics, we believe that Christ himself through the Church provided us with privileged moments of prayer in liturgy and sacraments. At Lehman we celebrate the Church's two greatest liturgies, the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours, together as an entire student body once a week.

More than most other Catholic high schools and in tune with the thinking of the Church throughout the ages, Lehman sees the Eucharistic Liturgy as the source and summit of the Christian life. As we gather each week to hear the Word, to be contrite, to praise, to thank and to petition God, we receive the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist. We strive to become who we receive, the real presence of the Lord Jesus.

On some Fridays or special days we make the hours of the day holier by celebrating the Liturgy of Hours, morning prayer, led by students themselves. The Liturgy of the Hours is the second most important liturgy of the Church, next to the Eucharistic Liturgy.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated for several hours each week. It is a wonderful blessing to see so many of our students participating in this great sacrament of Jesus ministry of forgiveness and healing. In addition to weekly celebration of penance, communal penance services are experienced during Advent and Lent with the assistance of many priests in the area.

In order to make such liturgies possible, we rely upon a large percentage of the student body and faculty to share their gifts as, acolytes, extraordinary ministers of holy communion, lectors, musicians and sacristans.

Formation and Service

Formation of their children in the Christian life continues to be the primary duty of parents, who by practicing the faith in the home and worshipping on the Lord's Day creates a domestic church in the family. As a partner in this formation, Lehman provides a balanced religious formation curriculum over a student's four years here.

Freshman year, students learn the Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture (Religion 101-Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures) and learn to better understand the person of Jesus and the Mission of Jesus Christ (Religion 102-Christology/New Testament). Students will become familiar with scriptural themes, which help to form them in faith and to become better Christians. Each student will be guided to experience Jesus as a real immediate and imminent saving presence and will be encouraged to follow Him as their Lord and Savior, and live as disciples.
Sophomore year, students study the history of the Church (Religion 201) which will present the historical foundations of the Church so that students will be able to grasp the historical continuity between the Church today and the Church established by Christ and formed in the earliest centuries of its existence. During the second semester students will study Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ (Religion 202-Sacrament and Liturgy).
Junior year, as students have been solidly grounded in Scripture and Tradition, the topic of Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the Church (Religion 301-Ecclesiology) is explored, where students are provided with a systemic overview of the doctrine and nature of the Catholic Church. The Life in Jesus Christ (Religion 302-Christian Morality) is the second semester topic where students receive the sources and the parameters of who they are and how they are to be in Christ. Such topics as Christian more principles, virtue, moral decision-making, contemporary moral problems and issues of peace and justice, are discussed.
Senior year finds students preparing more directly for life beyond high school as they wonder formally about the vocation to which the Lord is calling them. Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ (Religion 401-Catholic Lifestyles/Vocations) is the senior religion course where students focus on the many and varied life choices that are available to them. Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society(Religion 402- Catholic Social Teaching) is the course that allows students to deal in greater detail with the blessings, dilemmas and problems of our modern world through the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching. Values such as the dignity of the human person; political and economic rights; option for the poor; promotion of peace and the common good; respect for life; subsidiarity, stewardship and human labor; war and peace; and medical ethics are viewed through the eyes of Christ in the Church. There is also a community service requirement for this class.
Our retreats offer additional opportunities for formation they include the Senior Kairos retreat, Junior "Net" retreat, Sophomore retreat and the Freshmen "Tugs" retreat.
Since, as the Letter to James states that faith without works is no faith at all (cf. James 2), students have the opportunity to volunteer to serve Christ, His body and the world through nearly thirty service projects. Building the City of God and furthering the Kingdom is the natural response of a deep and abiding faith in Christ. Such projects include tutoring and mentoring primary age children, soup kitchens and cooperation with social service agencies. These opportunities allow students to proclaim their faith in and love for Jesus inside and outside the school setting.
At Lehman we are blessed to have faith in our God of love, particularly as shown to us in Christ, as the focus for all that we are and do. This is a high calling and an awesome challenge. We rely upon the power of the Spirit, the grace of Christ given to us through prayer; liturgy and the sacraments; and formation and service, to help all in our community grow in the spiritual life.
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