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 2017 Lehman Division III Sectional Wrestling Schedule

Thursday February 23:

On line roster and seed nomination forms due at www.baumspage com before 7:00 pm: See online instructions.


Thursday February 23:

7:00 pm Seeding Meeting begins:

The Southwest district will seed six with one alternate.

The Criteria for wrestlers with a 500 records or better will be:

A. Returning state placer (1-3) any weight class.

B. Returning state placer (4-8) at any weight class. A freshman wrestler that has more than 25 wins and has defeated a wrestler listed above him on the list and has a higher winning percentage will be seeded above the returning state place winner at any weight class (4-8) the coach must E-mail the credentials to the manager.

C. Returning district placer (1-6) at any weight class. A freshman wrestler that has more than 20 wins and has a higher winning percentage than the returning district place winner at any weight Class (1-6).

D. Returning sectional placer (1-3) at any weight class. A freshman wrestler that has more than 20 wins and has a higher winning percentage than the returning sectional place winner at any weight class (1-3)

E. Tie breakers:

a. The highest placer at each level earns the highest seed.

b. If two or more wrestlers have identical place finishes, the wrestler returning at the same weight earns the higher seed.

c. Previous year’s tournament place finish must have been at an OHSAAA Tournament.

d. A returning placer can be from Division I, II, or III

F. Won / Loss record (by percentage) from current season (minimum of 12 matches).

a. In the event of a tie in percentage, the wrestler with the most wins will receive the higher seed.

b. If this does not break the tie, a coin flip will determine the seed.

G. Coaches may challenge the seed based on head to head and higher placement in the same weight class at common tournaments.

H. The vote of the coaches will be final.


Friday February 24th :

2:00 pm Doors open for teams

2:15 pm Check in at soccer table review and confirm entries:

2:50 pm Move to weigh-in area:

3:00 pm Weigh-ins: All wrestlers shall be present and remain in the designated weight-in area. All OHSAA Skin Authorization appropriately signed and dated must be presented to the weigh-in official.

A. Weigh-ins will be by weight classes

B. Once weigh-in process begins at the 106 class, all exercise activities must cease.

C. A contestant may step on and off the first scale two times. If he fails to make weight on the first scale, he shall immediately step on each scale one time in an attempt to make weight.

D. We will use three scales.


5:00 pm First Round of Wrestling

Quarter Finals

First round of consolation: If there are 13 or more wrestlers in a weight class:

Weigh-outs will begin after the 145 pound weight class for all contestants who have concluded wrestling for the day. The weight out will conclude 30 minutes after the last match of the night.

Saturday February 25th

8:30 – 9:00 am Weight- ins:

10:00 am Second Round of Consolation:

Semifinals and third round of consolation wrestled simultaneously.

Consolation Semifinals

5:00 pm Parade of Champions



Top six wrestlers will be recognized following the 285 pound weight class.


Wrestlers should be ready when called to the Mat. Only 2 coaches or a coach and wrestler are permitted in the coaching area of the mat.


State regulation can be found on the OHSAA website.


Professionalism of coaches:

It is the moral obligation of all Ohio Wrestling Coaches to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects credit upon their high school, their profession and themselves. Personal grooming and appropriate dress is a standard of professionalism.

The wearing of T-shirts and warm-ups (top or bottom), head wear and similar apparel are not considered suitable attire for coaches during the OHSAA Sectional, District or State Wrestling Tournaments and therefore are prohibited.
Coaches who are inappropriately dressed will not be allowed on the competition floor. Moral obligation and ethical conduct are part of winning and losing. Good sportsmanship, appearance, honor and concern for the well-being of the competitors should be placed before all else. The Rules have been established in the spirit of this statement.


Lehman Catholic Sectional Wrestling


Due to the increased number of teams some wrestlers will need to share a locker.
It is recommended that wrestlers bring a lock to secure their belongings.
It is preferred that they use the lockers to store their things instead of taking it into the Gym.


Each team will receive their locker room and locker assignments upon their arrival on Friday.
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