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The Lehman Catholic High School Foundation

The general operating and fixed expenses of Lehman Catholic High School are budgeted annually by the school’s Board of Limited Jurisdiction and are financed through tuition, fees, and other sources of revenue.

As the needs of the school continue to change and grow, extraordinary expenses outside the budgeted items must find funding. It was for this purpose that the Lehman Catholic High School Foundation was chartered in 1973 as a not-for-profit Ohio corporation.

Originally chartered to help provide funds for capital improvements and facility upgrading, over the years the Foundation has provided funds for many major projects.  Some of these earlier projects included the extension of natural gas lines to serve the building in 1980, the addition of a twelve-station student computer lab in 1983, the ongoing upgrading of the heating system, the extension of city water and sewer lines to serve the school property in 1991, and funds to move and install the observatory building which was dedicated in 1993.

Foundation trustees joined with other members of the school community in developing a strategic plan for the school and as a result established an endowment fund to help improve teacher salaries. In 1985, the Foundation Trustees were the guiding force behind the Development Campaign, which refurbished the school building.  They were also a guiding force behind the 21st Century Campaign in 1994, which raised $7.5 million to construct a major addition to the school.  The last campaign, Secure the Future, led by the Foundation Trustees in 2008, helped to update the Boilers/HVAC system, increase technology, increase the Endowments, and pay off the remainder debt to the Archdiocese’s of Cincinnati.

All funds which are contributed to the Lehman Catholic High School Foundation are administered by the Board of Trustees. The close communication between the school administration and the Foundation Trustees insures that projects which are selected for funding are in the best interest of the school and its students.

As operating costs continue to increase, the financial base of support of the school needs to continue to expand. Lehman Catholic High School has been extremely fortunate in that many have recognized the needs of the school and have supported the Lehman Catholic High School Foundation. The positive impact of Lehman students on this community and others across the country is a living testimonial that this investment continues to pay dividends.

Foundation Endowment Funds

Building Endowment

The Building Endowment was established as a separate fund in 1989, and received the monies contributed to the Lehman Catholic High School Foundation to that date. It is this endowment which mirrors the original intent of the Foundation when it was established in 1973.

The responsibility of helping to raise funds for the Building Endowment is shared by the Foundation Trustees through a nine-member Building Endowment Committee. To insure communication between the committee and the Foundation trustees, the chair of the committee is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

The Building Endowment is invested through a local financial institution and the proceeds are used to help fund extraordinary expenses outside of items normally covered by the school's operating budget.

In past years, funds have been used to reconstruct the Soder Observatory and build the sixteen-inch main telescope the observatory houses; to purchase computer hardware for the administrative offices; write a software package for the administrative offices; to extend city water and sewer lines to serve the school; and the removal of asbestos from the ceilings and floors of the original areas of the building’s first floor. As the plaster ceilings containing asbestos are removed, they are replaced with acoustical panel ceilings and new energy efficient lighting is installed.  More recently these monies were used for the exterior restoration project (cleaning, caulking, elastomeric coating) on the 1994 addition of the building; a new hot water heater; and a security alarm system repair.

Projections of revenue requirements for the coming years indicate the Building Endowment needs to grow substantially. The Strategic Plan calls for the endowed principal in the fund to exceed three million dollars to meet the needs of operating the school without raising tuition to levels which would be unaffordable to all but a few.

Contributions to the Building Endowment Fund should be so designated either verbally or in writing at the time the contribution is made.

Faculty Salary Endowment

At one time Catholic schools were staffed entirely by religious and priests. Since these teachers were paid subsistence wages, the financial burden to the school was not great, and many Catholic schools did not charge tuition. As the number of religious declined, the burden of paying salaries increased dramatically. Even so, salaries remained lower than in the public sector.

Today, salaries at Lehman are as much as forty-five percent below what is offered in the public sector at some steps on the salary scale, making the struggle to compete for quality teachers a challenge.
The establishment of the Faculty Salary Endowment was an outgrowth of the strategic planning process, aimed at dealing with several key issues facing the school:  maintaining qualified personnel, maintaining academic excellence, and building financial support to meet the needs of the school, especially faculty salaries.

Projections of revenue requirements over the coming years show that the Faculty Salary Endowment needs to grow to six and half million dollars if we are to reduce the substantial difference in the salaries our teachers currently receive.

Contributions to the Faculty Salary Endowment Fund should be so designated either verbally or in writing at the time the contribution is made.

Scholarship Endowment

Since the school was formed in 1970, members of the community have raised funds to insure that any student desiring to attend the school would be able to do so, regardless of the parents' ability to pay the tuition.

The first year, the Scholarship Committee raised less than two hundred dollars to assist three students with their tuition needs (tuition was one hundred dollars per student in 1970).  Since that humble beginning, the Scholarship Committee has continued to raise funds on an annual basis for tuition assistance.

These scholarships awarded are need-based scholarships. To receive tuition assistance, families must file an application with the School and Student Service for Financial Aid of Princeton, New Jersey. The application is processed, and the school is notified of the amount of tuition assistance the family needs, based upon a number of statistical criteria. The school then notifies the family of the amount of tuition assistance they will receive. The Scholarship Committee was chartered as a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Ohio in 1971 and affiliated with the Lehman Catholic High School Foundation in 1994 in an effort to bring all school endowment funds under one umbrella.

The Scholarship Endowment is invested through the trust department of a local financial institution. The proceeds of the fund are used to help provide the funds the Scholarship Committee raises each year for tuition assistance. Additional funds are raised through an Annual Fund appeal to the local community. Projections of revenue requirements over the coming years show that the Scholarship Endowment needs to grow to at least three million dollars so that we will be able to continue to insure that any student who desires to receive a Catholic high school education will be able to do so.

Contributions to the Scholarship Endowment should be so designated either verbally or in writing at the time the contribution is made to the school.

Becoming Involved

There are many ways in which you can become involved to support Catholic high school education through the Lehman Catholic High School Foundation.

Detailed information is available from the Office of Advancement and Development at Lehman Catholic High School (2400 St. Marys Avenue, Sidney, Ohio 45365), by calling the school at (937) 498-1161 or (937) 773-8747.

Some of the most common ways in which individuals and corporations have assisted the school are:
  •  Cash
  •  Contributed Services
  •  Bequests
  •  Matching Gifts
  •  Deferred Gifts
  •  Memorializing a deceased Person
  •  Honoring a Living Person
  •  Celebrating an Anniversary, Birth, or Special Occasion
  •  Donating Stock
  •  Establishing a Family-named Scholarship
  •  Establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust
  •  Making the school the Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy, IRA, or an Annuity

The Foundation recognizes donations by awarding the Monsignor Lehman Fellow designation to those individuals and corporations who make contributions of $5,000 or more in cash or in the equivalent. Fellow Candidates are those who contribute to the Lehman Catholic High School Foundation on a continuing basis. Upon reaching the $5,000 plateau, candidates are recognized formally as Fellows at the Annual Foundation Banquet.

The Foundation also has established additional giving levels for donors. Bronze Fellow Awards are presented after gifts totaling $25,000 have been received; Silver Fellow Awards are presented after gifts totaling $50,000 have been received; Gold Fellow Awards are presented after gifts totaling $100,000 have been received; and Diamond Fellow Awards are presented after gifts totaling $1,000,000 have been received.

Some individuals and corporations making gifts to the school wish to remain anonymous. Such requests are always honored.

Lehman Foundation Board of Trustees

John Frantz
Term Expires:  January 2020
Dan Freytag
Vice President
Term Expires:  January 2021
Paula Sheridan
Term Expires:  January 2021
Dennis Sollmann
Term Expires:  January 2019
John Frantz
Term Expires: January 2020
Dan Freytag
Term Expires: January 2021 
John Garmhausen
Term Expires: January 2020
Frank Gilardi
Term Expires: January 2019
Jeff Hemm
Term Expires: January 2021
Jordan Peterson
Term Expires: January 2020
Ken Schlater
Term Expires: January 2019
Benny Scott
Term Expires: January 2020
Heather Sever
Term Expires: January 2020
Paula Sheridan
Term Expires: January 2021
Dennis Sollman
Term Expires: January 2019
Gerry Ulrich
Term Expires:  January 2021
Tom Westerheide
Term Expires: January 2019
Ex-Officio Members
Don Goettemoeller
BLJ Liason
Kathy McGreevy
Business Manager
Denise Stauffer
Lehman Principal/CEO
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