Educational Option Policies

Students may also take advantage of vocational programs offered at the Upper Valley Career Center (UVCC) their junior and senior years. Students who choose to attend the UVCC can complete their academic requirements at Lehman while attending UVCC in the morning or afternoon depending on when their program choice is offered. Tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

Depending upon one’s choice of a college major, as well as the college chosen to attend, one’s choice of electives should fulfill all college requirements. As an example, many colleges require Calculus for business majors, Chemistry for nursing and Physics for engineering. Thus, it is necessary that the college bound students explore and acquire information as to what courses of study should be pursued in high school. In general, most colleges wish a student’s high school program to have included 4 years of English, 3 years of Social Studies, 2 years of Foreign Language, 4 years of Math (Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II), 3 years of Science, including Biology and Chemistry and 1 year of a Performing or Visual Art.

Students who maintain a percentage average for a given grading period of 93% or higher with no grade below 85% will be recognized as a First Honor recipient. Those students who maintain an average for a given period of between 85% and 92%, with no more than one grade below 85% will be recognized as a Second Honor recipient. Honor Rolls are calculated at the end of each quarter. All courses contribute to the average used to establish the Honor Roll except Weights and Conditioning, Service Learning and courses taken off campus (i.e. correspondence courses).

Course fees will be charged per grade level. In addition, students taking advance placement (AP) courses will be charged for the AP test unless other arrangements are made through the Guidance Office. These fees will be added to the FACTS Account after the school year begins. There may be additional charges for some of the STEM + MM courses.

Students have the first four days of the first semester for year-long classes, and the first three days of the second semester to request a change of semester classes in their schedule. If a change is required after this period of time, the approval of the Principal, teacher, and parent/guardian will be required. If a student drops a class, the class remains on the student’s grade card and final transcript of grades, and the notation WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing) is made. A $30.00 fee will be charged for all student-requested course changes.

There is a $100.00 registration fee, which will be collected when the student returns his/her class schedule form. This fee is non-refundable if the student decides not to attend Lehman Catholic High School. A late registration fee of $50 will be assessed after April 30th.

A student’s class rank, required by most colleges and universities, is determined at the end of each school year by one’s weighted scholastic average. A weighted factor is used to determine this average, taking into consideration the level of difficulty of each class in the student’s schedule. A list of each course weight is in the Curriculum Handbook. The valedictorian and the salutatorian are determined using the first three quarters of the grades of the senior year, together with the final subject grades of the preceding three year. One must attend Lehman 7 consecutive semesters, have been registered as a fulltime student, and have taken 3 courses in each of the core subject areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Religion) while attending Lehman in order to be eligible for recognition as valedictorian or salutatorian.

If a student transfers into Lehman, that student will be ranked but such ranking shall not displace a rank of another student. (I.e. there could be two number fours and the next ranking would be a number five).

A student that is a Valedictorian, Salutatorian, National Merit Honor’s student, or has straight A’s each semester all four years of high school will be eligible for the Academic Hall of Fame. These students must also be in good standing.

The following courses need to be taken on campus and credits earned at Lehman in order to be eligible for Valedictorian or Salutatorian designation:

4          Credits of Religion
4          Credits of English
4          Credits of Mathematics
3         Credits of Science
            American History

Allows for the following courses to be taken off campus:
Introduction to Business
Computer Course
Physical Education
Elective Social Studies
Fine Art

One must attend Lehman 7 consecutive semesters and have been registered as a full time student to qualify as a Valedictorian or a Salutatorian.

Independent study may be used to earn credit for classes that cannot be scheduled during the regular day. Such courses can only be taken with the prior permission of the teacher instructing the class, the department chair for the academic department in which the course is offered, Guidance Counselor and the Dean of Academics. Students will receive a grade for the course, but that grade will not count toward class rank. Independent study should be reserved for elective courses. Additional tuition will be charged for courses being taken as independent study

On-line courses may be used to earn credit and/or retrieve credit for classes that cannot be scheduled during the regular day according to the guidance department. Such courses can only be taken with the prior approval of the guidance counselor and principal. The core classes (Social Studies, Science, Math, English, and Religion) should not be taken as an on-line course unless it is being taken to retrieve the credit or approval as has been granted as mentioned above. Students will receive a grade for these courses, but that grade will not count toward either class rank or honor roll. Students should only be enrolled in one course at a time and must receive a grade before they can enroll in another online course. These on-line courses should be reserved for elective courses.

College Credit Plus is an opportunity for eligible Lehman students to earn college credits while attending high school. The program helps our students to get a jump-start on their college coursework and prepare for the academic rigors of college. The courses may be taught at Lehman by our faculty and follow the same syllabus as the college course. They may be on-line courses or courses taken on a college or university campus with prior approval of the guidance counselor and principal. The courses range from 1-5 semester hours. The credits are transferable to other universities and colleges. Students would just have to ask the receiving university/college if they would apply toward their major. Students will be notified in the winter of the opportunities available for this program in the upcoming school year. A College Credit Plus meeting will be held in the winter of each academic school year. Refer to the Ohio Department of Education website for deadlines and the checklist below.

College Credit Plus Checklist

Students must submit all forms DIRECTLY to the required location(s) by the due date. Do not submit any forms to Lehman Catholic High School unless directed to do so.

Attend an information session on February 7, 2018 at 7:30 PM at Lehman Catholic High School.

Submit the Letter of Intent form to the Junior/Senior Guidance Counselor between February 15 and April 1. The counselor will email completed forms to the Ohio Department of Education

Apply to the college(s) that you plan to attend by their deadline (and well before April 1). For Edison State Community College courses offered at Lehman Catholic High School, go to

Submit your ACT or SAT scores to the college or register for placement testing if the college offers it by their deadline (and well before April 1). Edison will accept ACT/SAT scores from the transcript.

Request your high school transcript to be sent to the college at least 2 weeks before their deadline (and well before April 1). See your counselor

Register for a SAFE account online between February 15 and April 1.

Complete the Ohio Department of Education Funding Application Form after you receive an acceptance letter from the college by 5:00 p.m. on April 13. The funding application must be completed and submitted in your SAFE account.

Receive a funding award letter from the Ohio Department of Education.

Give a copy of your funding letter to your counselor and college by May 25.

Returning CCP students need to only submit the Letter of Intent and complete the SAFE account funding steps each year.

See the Junior/Senior Guidance Counselor by May 25 to register for summer classes.

The Junior/Senior Guidance Counselor will register students at the beginning of the school year for the Fall semester.

The Ohio General Assembly enacted statutes that provide opportunities for students to earn units of credit outside and beyond the traditional classroom setting. Credit Flexibility will allow Lehman students to earn high school credit by successfully completing an E-course, correspondence course, or personalized learning plan and have it pre-approved by the school. The plan must be submitted to the Director of Guidance Services before the passage of the tenth day following the start of a new semester of school. The Principal or the Principal’s designee will have final approval of the personalized learning plan. Students and/or their parents/guardians are responsible for all costs associated with this option, including assessment fees, fees for supplemental materials, transportation, etc. Credit flexibility should be reserved for elective courses.

  • Lehman Catholic High School’s part-time student program provides students with the opportunity to schedule up to 7 modules (Each module is approximately 21 minutes) of classroom instruction.
  • Students may enroll in any class that Lehman offers provided they meet the basic requirements and pre-requisites for the course.
  • Students must enroll in at least one of Lehman’s Core courses. The extensive list of courses includes offerings in Religion, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and English.
  • Part-time students are eligible for all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities provided they meet requirements in the Parent-Student Handbook and various sanctioning bodies (i.e., the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the Ohio Music Education Association, etc.) There will be an added cost to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • The cost for the tuition is determined by taking the cost of the tuition divided by 18 modules (mods) to get the cost per mod and then multiplied by the number of mods of class enrolled. Tuition does not include applicable fees. These fees will be added to the overall cost.
  • Students will be issued transcripts upon completion of course(s) taken.
  • Part time students cannot earn a Lehman Catholic High School diploma.

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